Letter from the Parish of Christ the King Salthill 
Millenium Banner

"'Jubilate' has been presented to this church by the Naomh Muire Quilters to honour the Great Jubilee Year 2000.   Following the theme of the Church's Jubilee Logo, Jubilate's colours represent the five continents and the blue circle represents the universe.  The design of the quilt depicts our journey forward with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The Naomh Muire Quilters are:-  Joan Colleran, Bernadette Falvey, Anne Keating, Phyllis Molloy, Mari Moran and Collette O'Donnell.

Months ago these ladies came with their request to present something to the church to mark the New Millenium.  After many months of planning, sketching and hours and hours of needle work, this week this beautiful banner found its home here.

It's a work of art, full of deep meaning, rich in colour and design and will capture our journey into the next millenium.  Notice the blend of colours and motifs from the stain glass windows in the church.  Watch the way it grips your as you stand in amazement at its many facets.  It is a masterpiece.  Ladies take a bow and from the Parishioners of Salthill, a sincere thank you."