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Bernadette and her husband Don fell in love with the rugged west of Ireland while on holiday one summer.  Originally from Dublin, the Falveys moved to Galway to follow their dream of living by the sea.  Such was the inspiration of their beautiful surroundings Bernadette soon took up painting. Her love of crafts saw Bernadette branching out into many different types of art, but soon patchwork and quilting became her true love and her medium.  

Forty three years on and Bernadette's kitchen had not only become a meeting place for other artists, but its soul and the gorgeous view of Galway Bay against the natural beauty of Connemara, inspired many an award winning project for the band of women dedicated to handcrafts, the Naomh Muire Quilters. The Naomh Muire (Saint Mary) Quilters, named after Bernadette's house, still meets every week working on both individual projects as well as group quilts

Over the years the group has undergone many changes, and “weathered life’s storms” so to speak.  Many members have joined the group, some have moved on to new adventures, some have gone abroad and others have started new groups.  We have been fortunate to have experienced a rich and diverse flow of talent and enthusiasm.  All of us who have had the privilege to have been part of the group, more than just having learned from each the techniques and methods of quilting, we have learned from each other about life.  We have supported each other through life’s challenges and sorrows and joined in laughter and celebration through its many blessings. 

At its largest the group had 7 members and currently we are 6.  In addition to Bernadette herself the other members are Mari Moran, Susan Joyce, Geraldine Joyce, Mary O'Brien and Tanja Alanko-O'Malley.


At the 2013 IPS National Exhibition, the Naomh Muire Quilters won the Monica Norman Memorial Award for this piece entitled 'Still Standing'.