Bernadette Falvey

My Heart Quilts

I have been making heart quilts since 1996. All my heart quilts are about love. Each quilt is an expression of a particular love and has a different meaning.  I use different fabric and colours to express different types of love with a particular person in mind.   Each quilt has its own distinguishing features but all of them have two things in common.  No two squares are the same and the use of light running to dark- vertically and diagonally.

So far (November 2010) I have made four Heart quilts...

'Who Stole My Heart Away'  My first heart quilt made with my husband Don in mind.  One  of the hearts is missing to symbolise how he stole my heart. I used a variety of textures and materials to symbolise the different facets of our life together.

'Who Stole All Our Hearts'  For my granddaughter Dorothy.  I used all cotton fabrics symbolising the innocence of a newly born, much wanted granddaughter.


'Who Filled a Place in My Heart' For my grandsons, the brothers Sam and Joe.  I used traditional blues for boys and picked different patterns, textures and designs to capture the differences between the boys. 

'Love' Designed for an exhibition of textiles by members of the Crafts Council of Ireland.  I used rich fabric to symbolise the cloths of heaven as per the Yeats poem and overlaid this with the stars of heaven.  The hearts in this case represented the love of Yeats for his muse and the love of God for us all shown to us in the embroidered cloths of heaven.

'Bouquet of Love'